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A New Phase

A New Phase

di Lancis (Autore)

In this thrilling prequel, a mysterious scientific organization delves into secret experiments involving bizarre mandrills, leading to a catastrophic laboratory explosion. Unbeknownst to them, a group of university-aged friends become unwittingly linked to this perilous situation. As the puzzle unravels, it becomes apparent that a puppeteer-like figure is pulling the strings behind the scenes, and something much bigger is at play. Fast forward to the future, where an AI robot is on a quest to comprehend the demise of Earth. Starting with this very story, the robot is trying to unreveal the web of intrigue surrounding the enigmatic characters and their strange involvement in the organization's experiments. The prequel ends with the AI robot and the audience still in the dark about the true motivations behind the organization's activities, setting the stage for a compelling mystery that will continue to unfold in the sequels.


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