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Alkaline Diet For Disease Prevention

Alkaline Diet For Disease Prevention

The Ultimate Guide to Eat Healthy, Fight Inflammation, Lose Weight and Fight Cronic Disease

di Hilda Shilling (Autore)

If you've been struggling with diseases like cardiovascular diseases, allergies, autoimmune diseases, chronic weight gain and obesity, headaches, leg cramps, arthritis, depression, cancer, alcohol addiction, liver problems, heard disease and many others, and have done everything you could think of to reverse the conditions, keep reading….

You Are About To Discover How To Prevent And Fight Chronic Disease And Lose Weight By Leveraging The Power Of The Alkaline Diet!

You've been using the wrong approach to some of the health problems you've been dealing with! And it is about time you changed tact!

How is that, you may be wondering?

Well, your problems may have a lot to do with increased acidity in your body, owing to your intake of acid causing foods, more than anything else and learning how to tame runaway acidity through an alkaline diet may be the secret solution you've been searching for!

Many reports and studies published in NCBI (National Institutes of Health) suggests that the alkaline diet's quality of balancing the body's pH is the best way to prevent inflammatory diseases, weight gain and other serious conditions like cancer.

An article published in Medical News Today asserts that the alkaline diet not only treats countless conditions and diseases in the body, but also prevents them, and boosts the process of weight loss.

This means that a simple act of balancing your body's pH with the alkaline diet is all you need to reach your health goals.

And this book will show you exactly how to go about using an alkaline diet to deal with the root cause of your problems, for good!

So if questions like….

So what exactly does the alkaline diet have to do with bringing health?

How does it work to bring the benefits?

What's wrong with acidity that you need to do something about it?

Which foods are acid forming and which ones are alkalizing?

Is there any medical research to support all the claims?

How exactly can you adopt an alkaline diet to derive all the benefits?

And many others are going through your mind, this book is for you so keep reading…

This book contains the ins and outs of this diet, as well as step-by-step process to take up this diet successfully.

More precisely, the book will teach you:

The basics of the alkaline diet, including what it is, its basis, the concept of pH as far as food is concerned and more

The difference between acidic waste and acidic foods

The acidic foods that are alkalizing

The acid foods you need to restrict

The alkaline foods you can enjoy

How to create an alkaline balance in your body

How to begin following the alkaline diet

How acidic wastes cause diseases including cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and allergies, cancer and liver cirrhosis.

How acidity leads to depression and alcohol addiction

How to treat specific ailments with a pH balance, including acid reflux, ulcers, intestinal disorders, heart disease and hormonal imbalances, as well as preventing excess weight gain

How certain foods suppress the thyroid function; what to avoid

The alkaline diet recipes to get you started

…And so much more!

Even if the idea of an alkaline diet helping you deal with many of the health problems sounds too far-fetched and foreign to you, this book will hold you by the hand until you see results for yourself!

Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!

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