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Bariatric Cookbook: The Complete Bariatric Cookbook with 50+ Delicious Recipes to Enjoy After Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric Cookbook: The Complete Bariatric Cookbook with 50+ Delicious Recipes to Enjoy After Weight Loss Surgery

di Cecilia Hum (Autore)

ELEVATE YOUR HEALTH. EMPOWER YOUR LIFE. Bariatric and metabolic surgery are terms used to describe weight reduction surgery. Various terms explain how these procedures influence a patient's weight and metabolism (breakdown of food into energy). It's a term that refers to surgical procedures that change people's digestive tracts in order to help them lose weight. It's not only about forming a new connection with food following bariatric surgery; it's also about forming a new attitude about life. This bariatric cookbook demonstrates how to leverage the delectable power of meal prep and planning to create long-term dietary and lifestyle improvements. With an approach that addresses both the emotional and nutritional components of your dietary demands, this supportive bariatric cookbook helps you become healthier, not simply slimmer. The recipes mentioned in this book offer step-by-step directions, minimal prep time, and materials found in any grocery shop easily.

In this book, you will get to know about: What is Bariatric Surgery, and what are its advantages?Types of Bariatric surgery with diet recommendations after surgery, Bariatric Breakfast Ideas, Bariatric Lunch Ideas, Bariatric Dinner Ideas, Bariatric Dessert and Snack Ideas.

This detailed guide to bariatric surgery can help you eat properly and keep the weight off. Learn how to utilize the appropriate quantities, add more protein to your meals, and use the healthiest ingredients to make your cuisine as healthy as it is tasty. Keeping track of your hydration and calorie consumption is easy, with nutritional information provided for each dish. Take charge of your new life and establish healthy habits with recipes suited to your unique requirements after bariatric surgery. So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copy.

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