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Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight Training

Start Calisthenics Workout today: Increase strength, build mass, burn fat, and define your muscles

di Training Journal (Autore)

This guide is the most complete and updated collection available on bodyweight exercise. This is a scientific text, the result of 10 months of work, selected, built and assembled by 3 of our best trainers with more than 12 years of experience in Calisthenics. It contains not only the best and most updated pieces of information in 2020, but it's the result of practical experience of training. This book is powerful because it's honest: "Training Journal" doesn't want to sell to you a new revolutionary method or magical solutions. We prefer to show you the subject in a scientific and objective way, in order to give you the necessary knowledge for you to train correctly and effectively. "Bodyweight Training" presents 100 of the most effective bodyweight exercises that can be performed anytime, anywhere. In depth yet practical, BodyweightTraining" takes you inside every exercise through anatomical images that reveals primary muscles worked along with the relevant surrounding structures. Studies show that bodyweight Calisthenics training is one of the best activities for: • Body recomposition: burns fats, define your muscles and start the process of muscular hypertrophy. • Improving all the primary physical skills, like endurance, power, strength and agility. • Improving your body's shape making you feel healthier and younger (biological rejuvenation).

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