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Freediver zen

Freediver zen

di Nicolò Ciocia (Autore)

Nicolò leaves for Egypt to meet a friend he hasn't seen for a while. Due to the pandemic, he cannot leave Dahab for a month, but the unfortunate circumstance soon turns into a profitable opportunity. From the house where he is staying, a few steps from the beach, every morning he contemplates the sea with devotion. The slow movement of the water and the sound of the small foamy waves pouring onto the sandy bed are an irresistible attraction. When he dives into the sea, Nicolò begins to fully feel his body. He moves away from the shore with slow strokes, while his feet enter and exit the water energetically. Then he turns around and for a while remains in the "dead afloat" position. Half submerged, a few meters from the coral reef, he inhales and exhales in complete awareness of the air filling and emptying his two lungs.The need to establish a more intimate connection with himself, refining the relaxation technique based on breathing, pushes him to challenge his own limits and cross the threshold of depth. He holds his breath, learns new compensation strategies and plunges headlong towards the seabed with the curiosity of an underwater explorer. Every day he tries to improve himself and with dedication he learns to delay the feeling of stress that brings him back to the surface when oxygen starts to run out. Listening to the sea, in the embrace of the waves, Nicolò uses the experience of a Master to discover a new life in the third dimension. The author uses the live story to testify, through thirty compositions, the adventures that leave an indelible mark on his path. The form of the diary and the simplicity of the lexicon favor the reader's identification; while the uninterrupted flow of emotions that punctuate the narrative facilitates involvement.

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