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GarageBand for Mac. From Idea to Final Mastering

GarageBand for Mac. From Idea to Final Mastering

A Step by Step Guide to Produce an Original Song until its Release

di Marco Perino (Autore)

GarageBand allows you to be, or become, a Producer ! You only need to feel like playing.With this manual you will create an original song from scratch touching on all the production stages:from pre-production to drafting the piecefrom the Vocal Line to Intonationfrom Recording to Editingfrom Midi to Sound Designfrom Mix to Mastering... to the ReleaseIllustrated steps will show you in a PRACTICAL way, hands on the mouse, how to produce a song from scratch, and you will also be taught how to avoid the most common mistakes.You'll learn to produce by producing!Do you know the demo buttons, the demos of keyboards sold in music stores or supermarkets?I always press them to understand what I can achieve with that particular model.They let you hear wonderful performances of harmonious sounds and rhythms.It's a pity that once I get home, the keyboard remains a Cinderella dressed in rags, with completely aseptic rhythms and sounds, making me feel partly inadequate, and partly fooled!I don't want to "catch" you, or make you feel fooled! Over the next pages, we're going to create a song together, from the beginning to the end, with hundreds of illustrated steps.I'm going to walk you through it with simple words, easily, the way I wish someone would have explained it to me...GarageBand is music!Music can be a hobby.Music can be a toy.Music can be a work…And with GarageBand Music can be you too !!!Compatible with all versions of GarageBand 10, with Downloadable Projects to follow the illustrated steps in the book.There are both projects created with the latest release of GarageBand, to be executed with the latest operating system, and projects created with GarageBand 10.2.0, to be executed on "historic and stoic" Macs with an operating system from El Capitan ( macOS 10.11.6) and later.No user of GarageBand 10, of any version, will be left behind.Inside:01 Getting Ready for the Adventure02 Discovering GarageBand03 Starting to Produce Our Unreleased Song04 Use the Chisel05 Exploring and Creating Sounds06 Drums and Drum Machines07 MIDI Recording08 MIDI Editing09 Audio Recording10 Creating the Lyrics and the Vocal Line11 Audio Editing12 Tempo and Arrangement Editing13 The Mix - First Part: Balance14 The Mix - Second Part: Automations15 Mastering and PublishingMarco Perino, Owner of the Prosuono studio, lyricist, producer, and post-producer, has the experience of hundreds of concerts, classes, and lessons as a trainer, in a method where practice leaves no room for theory. The result will be only purely "tangible" music. By the same author: "Little Dreams" "…what if the black sheep is me?" "Orange" "Logic Pro X, From Idea to Final Mastering"

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