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Learnable Linguistics for Business Leaders

Learnable Linguistics for Business Leaders

di Luca Magni, Giorgio Marchetti, Ahlam Alharbi (Autore)

Learnable Linguistics for Business Leaders offers an in-depth examination of the significant influence language exerts on decision-making and behavior within the business sphere. The book delves into the intricate interplay between linguistic structures and human cognitive processes, presenting a novel perspective on how language shapes our perceptions and actions. Structured into five chapters, the book analyses various aspects of language function within a business environment. Chapter 1, What it is in language that engages listeners, investigates the attention-based mechanisms inherent in grammatical classes that captivate audiences. Chapter 2, How language enchains speakers, discusses the empowering effect of language on speakers and their ability to influence audiences effectively. Chapter 3, Why more is less and why less is more, explores the impact of verbosity and conciseness in communication, advocating the effectiveness of a minimalist approach. Chapter 4, Where the talking paves the way to new walking, examines the use of paradoxical adjectives and grammatical discrepancies in shaping public opinion and forging new realities. Chapter 5, When the walking paves the way to new talking, utilises the experiences of the Italian novelist Alberto Moravia, in the Sahara, as a case study to illustrate how language aids in understanding and articulating new concepts by relating them to our pre-existing knowledge. The concluding remarks, Learnable Linguistics in a nutshell, encapsulate the book's core themes, emphasizing the strategic use of language for business leaders to communicate in an inclusive and adaptable manner. Throughout the book, the authors introduce a series of analytical tools and concepts, such as the Umbra Cone and Linguistic Exorcisms, to aid readers in comprehending and applying the principles of Learnable Linguistics in managerial contexts. The book concludes with a call to action for business leaders to embrace linguistic precision, embrace paradoxes, develop narratives, and engage in continuous learning to effectively navigate the complexities of business communication and negotiation.

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