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Leo the timeless man

Leo the timeless man

di Carlo Tedeschi (Autore)

Leo's life seemed to be directed towards one objective: bringing people closer to God, helping them to contemplate the truth and find answers within themselves. Love drove his every step, triggered every thought and word. However, his humble and selfless heart wasn't understood by everyone. Jealousy and mistrust gave rise to prejudices and criticism which hampered his work. Despite all the difficulties, many people gathered around Leo. They wanted to live in brotherly love, sharing with humility and serving in order to realise a great dream and build a new way of living. Page after page this person takes shape; one tessera at a time until the mosaic is complete. The story told here is of life as lived and the feelings described are real. The author is a witness as to how his life and those of Maria, Daniela, Federica, Giuseppe and many others were completely changed by meeting Leo, who was a man of many charisms, able to knock down the walls behind which we often hide and bring us closer to God.

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