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MUHA and the Mirror

MUHA and the Mirror

di Martina Viola (Autore)

At the beginning of time, Mother Earth decided to first create a unique creature, the first ancestral Dragon with a mighty armor totally black as darkness and in whose veins flowed fire and metal in a liquid state. At the completion of her great work Mother Nature created the human being last. The Dragon felt deep respect for every species her Mother had generated but humans came to break her heart for their conduct. The mystical creature shaped first and begotten with love, the mother of all dragons, would see all her children exterminated one by one by humans. Her deep sorrow and disappointment will be such that it will lead her to make an eternal pact with the Mirror of the Soul in order to forget all her past.The price to be paid will be as high as the fulfillment of her wish: her soul will be split in two and take on the form of the much-hated species. One part will materialize into a little girl, the dark part of the soul of the MUHA Dragon, relegated to live inside an impenetrable forest. While the light part of the Dragon's soul will take on the form of a woman with long snowy hair confined among the Mountains where snow dominates everything.This is the story of how the first Dragon, in his human guise, will discover that one cannot live without having the courage to look inside the mirror and accept to see reflected both sides of himself: the dark one and the bright and radiant one.A unique and engaging story that will transport the reader alongside MUHA, by the hand will follow her in her adventures, in her inner conflicts, in the slow as difficult path to the one great truth: light calls for darkness as the deepest darkness needs light to exist. Light and Darkness are the two opposing sides of every soul and only by accepting this can one truly live and MUHA will learn this great truth to her cost.

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