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Mutatio 1933 (English version)

Mutatio 1933 (English version)

di Giulio Fulchignoni (Autore)

New York, the early decades of the 20th century. Sweeping social changes and technological innovations have stirred collective and individual consciences, but certain events are about to destroy the balance of society, causing it to look inward and question its own excesses.Running through the city streets are the Defenders, a group of rebels committed to the fight against the fearsome Nova Vita organisation and its terrifying activities. Joining them is Sam Dawet, a young man who wants to make sense of his existence, but also find redemption after unspeakable pain. With the courageous Ronja and the eccentric Whisker, he has to curb his yearning for scientific progress behind which lies a murky and corrupt nature, that of the ruthless Adam West. Will they be able to expose the secrets and crimes of the organisation and bring back balance to society? Mutatio 1933 is a celebration of the power of friendship, bravery and the pursuit of truth, able to engage us as only a great epic can.


Giulio Fulchignoni
Giulio Fulchignoni
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