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Native American  Herbalist Bible

Native American Herbalist Bible

A Handbook of Native American Herbs Usage in Modern Day Life and Recipes for Aliments

di Pakuna Mausi (Autore)

Do you want to learn about the secrets of Native Americans?

Do you want to know about the healing power of Native American Herbs?

Do you want to know how and herbs Native Americans used to heal diseases?

Then Keep reading! Native Americans have employed herbs for thousands of years to balance their lives and their environment, as well as to cure their bodies and cleanse their spirits.

According to oral traditions, people learned about the therapeutic properties of herbs and other plants by observing ill animals.

Before the initial interaction between Europeans and the tribes, there were no documented records of herbal usage by the Native Americans of America.

But this began to alter when Native Americans taught the new immigrants how to employ nature's remedies.

Native American herbal knowledge provided a vital basis for creating a new country at an age before antibiotics and understanding the origins of infectious illnesses.

They often gave explorers and settlers herbal remedies that proved essential to their survival throughout the 1800s as westward expansion exposed Americans of European heritage to new environments and the expected illnesses and injuries.

This book will reveal all the secrets of Native American herbs, it includes:

• Modern use of Native American Herbs

• Native American Herbs history

• Herbs Lists and Uses

• Recipes of Native American Herbs for Healing We have split the book into three parts to support your comprehensive journey.

This first section will offer a thorough theoretical introduction to Native American medicine and the preparations and procedures used for herbal medications.

The second section is a highly useful field guide since it covers all the essential plants used in conventional Native American medicine and contemporary uses, dosages, and locations.

The third section provides straightforward herbal treatments for typical illnesses that a beginning naturopath may face.

Even the most seasoned herbalist will find it useful as a starting point for developing their method of caring for themselves and others.

So what are you waiting for?

Click on the buy button to grab your copy and start making natural remedies with Native Americans Herbs at home!

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