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On a journey: within me, within you.

On a journey: within me, within you.

Fear not, darkness is the brightest light.

di Cristina Guida La Licata (Autore)

In this deeply intimate and personal book, Cristina Guida La Licata takes us on a journey of inner growth through overcoming challenges, navigating complex relationships, and seeking spiritual balance.

Through her life experiences - from being diagnosed with Graves' disease to the turmoil of failed romantic relationships - the author embarks on a path towards self-awareness, learning to listen to and accept herself.

Amidst moments of crisis and rebirth, Cristina delves into her family history, the ties that shaped and changed her, leading to forgiveness and understanding. Her candid reflections inspire readers to bravely introspect, discovering the hidden strength within each of us.

An emotional read that speaks to the heart of anyone on a quest for self-discovery.

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