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PAPER, RUBBER & FELT RINGS. 32 unique jewelry projects with cutting templates

PAPER, RUBBER & FELT RINGS. 32 unique jewelry projects with cutting templates

di Roberto Zanon (Autore)

Learn how to make your own stunning ring! This book will show you how to make fabulous rings - choosing from 32 different designs - out of a variety of materials such as paper, eva rubber and felt, but also leather, pvc or other malleable sheet materials up to 2 mm.
- 32 style projects for do-it-yourself rings, with cutting template.
- Downloadable templates ready to be cut by hand or with a cutting plotter (e.g. Cricut Maker or Silhouette Cameo) in SVG format.
- Each ring is presented with several images and a video illustrating the assembly or an animation with the jewel being worn
- The description accompanying each jewel explains the shape and concept behind each ring presented.
- All rings fit within a 10 cm square cutout.
- The 32 rings proposed develop a 2d to 3d methodology that can be applied to generate - in addition to rings - countless other jewellery variants for bracelets, necklaces, earrings brooches and other.

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Da Stefano il 15 lug 2023

A parte il titolo scontato, che scontato non è, conoscendo Roby per lui è un punto di arrivo . Come nel perimetro dove combattono i pugili, detto ring in contrapposizione con la sua forma quadrata, come la pizza che è rotonda ma viene consegnata nella scatola quadrata, Roberto attraversa tutte le forme e riassume il ring

Da Dr. A il 15 lug 2023

If Keith Haring or Jean-Michel Basquiat would have designed rings, they would have looked and felt like this. Prof. Dr. Zanon is a unique artist and professor who reinvents the art of jewelry making. His unique style is outstanding and he graciously allows the wearer to experiment with his pieces. The materials are light and 21st century ready. His pieces will not only be worn on earth but potentially on planet mars (due to their light material, adjustable nature and true statement). The series of colorful pieces remind of sculpture-pieces that interact not only with the material but extend themselves into the space around them. The pieces show what is possible when craftsmanship, design and innovation come together. Prof. Dr. Zanons‘ pieces represent 21st century jewelry and zeitgeist.

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