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Relational Psychotherapy

Relational Psychotherapy

A Practical Guide To Control Your Emotions, Declutter Your Mind, Stop Overthinking And Master Your Relationship & Social Skills.

di Ariana Huckaby (Autore)

Do you give proper weight to the role of your relationships?

What if you could improve these relationships by reinforcing them?

Relational psychotherapy, an approach that can help individuals recognize the role relationships play in the shaping of daily experiences, attempts to help people understand patterns appearing in the thoughts and feelings they have toward themselves.

Based on the idea that strong and fulfilling relationships with other individuals can help people maintain emotional well-being, this approach largely helps individuals address the effects of relational challenges, such as family issues and intimate relationship difficulties, new life situations, or school and workplace issues. Relational psychotherapy may also be beneficial for those who find emotional regulation challenging, and it has also been shown to be helpful in the treatment of relational difficulties experienced with anxiety, stress, or depression.

If you want to go deeper in this fascinating field a complete and simple guide is "Relational Psychotherapy: How to Healing Relational Trauma"

Here's what you'll learn thanks to this book:

what is Relational Psychotherapy, history and development

the advantages of Relational Therapy

difficult parts of Relational Psychotherapy

how to relate with ourselves

approaches to trauma

...and much more!

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