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The Deception - A story of two parallel destinies

The Deception - A story of two parallel destinies

di Nino Marino (Autore)

Deception is a simple love story, the kind that happens on an ordinary day, without any warning.

A hurricane bursting in the hearts of two ordinary people, who, perhaps, afflicted by depressive deficiencies, found themselves united by two parallel destinies.

He, about sixty years old, married, tried by a thousand ills, with a past, mysterious,that he wants to forget; she, a young professional in her thirties, a college graduate and head of a manufacturing company, discovered that her husband was cheating on her. Her reaction was devastating; she thought of suicide, then took refuge in alcohol.

The two met in a smoky suburban bar.

After an exchange of views, they decided to take a walk in the park.

They parted without introducing themselves.

His understanding and her willingness, resulted in a very sweet love story, born between two very different people. What seemed like a passing in-fatuation, turned into an engaging love, in which each was happy to experience it, identifying in that opportunity, the hope of survival of family dilemmas. The book takes on the characteristic of a small vademecum dense with life experiences, useful to the reader.

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