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The Health Handbook. I Cured Myself By Eating. Macrobiotics Revealed

The Health Handbook. I Cured Myself By Eating. Macrobiotics Revealed


I wrote this little book because after 38 years of suffering, first of all I HEALED FINALLY my allergies (to pollen, mold, dust, etc ..) and asthma lasted 38 years, no longer take any medicine but simply changing the power . Then, always with the power and without any medicine, I HEALED over years, definitely other diseases:

Chronic otitis, lasting 10 years

Urethritis chronic staph duration 8 years

2 infections, intestinal and urethra, contracted on a trip abroad

Diarrhoeal chronic colitis, due to a drug, 14-year

Herpes Simplex to his lips and nose, which lasted one year

Neuralgia mouth lasted many years

I recovered 5/10 of myopia in the right eye

I began to heal when every asthma attack, I tried to remember what I had eaten the day before and thus to avoid that food for a long time. They are well able to identify the foods that I caused allergies and asthma, although tests Lactose, the flour, did not give any evidence allergic.

Diseases do not care with medicines or other scientific, but with POWER, you must learn to change for a rather long time.

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