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The Jump

The Jump

A collection of short stories of mystery and passion.

di D. H. Landolfi (Autore)

A heartfelt investigation into the world of fiction through a series of passionate and captivating short stories, written in a vivid and visionary style. The collection is divided into three sections, each preceded by a quote from the author that anticipates the theme: mystery, love and writing. There is a reason why writing becomes "passion" and vice versa. Like a virus it grips the mind and gives birth to creatures that have a life of their own and move in an imaginary and imagined world. The reader follows them with transport in the adventures, often in medias res and always wrapped in a halo of ambiguity. Reality loses its contours and the inexplicable becomes possible. You just need to know how to "jump", as the homonymous story that gives the title to the collection says. The introduction is a real essay on the interspatial dimension of creativity. To be read in one go, with a charge of enthusiasm always growing, until the final line.

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Da NOT SAID il 09 nov 2021

… this book will appear. What’s essential is indeed invisible to the eye. If fortune smiles upon you, in your life, you will encounter one book that begins with words; that meets you where you are at the moment. As you progress through the pages, something inexplicable occurs - new dimensions open l inside of you l In the end, the words and the book are left behind. They must be, there’s no choice. about that. Yet remembering the book’s words and passages are no longer necessary; your soul has been impressed. Now tell me what use does the soul have for words? Having taken THE JUMP, my response is none whatsoever. This isn’t a book; it’s a portal Into your self.

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