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The Metaverse Revolution

The Metaverse Revolution

How to Make Money with Virtual Land, NFTs, Crypto Assets and Play to Earn

di Henry D. Stone (Autore)

"Going Outside is Highly Overrated"

Have you ever heard this quote? Then you probably know what I am talking about and you know there are big opportunities coming with it. Are you ready to take them?

Welcome to the Metaverse.

We take a look at what it is - why it's not here - how it will eventually be everywhere - and who is best positioned to benefit. We believe the accumulation of technology in the video game industry will eventually lead to a fuller, more robust internet that we call the Metaverse. Our definition: the Metaverse is the convergence of physical and digital in a way that is persistent, real-time rendered and infinite in its ability to offer shared experiences allowing for total sense of presence to the point where it embodies us. Your virtual identity will become interchangeable with your physical and true economies will form around this immersion into virtual/augmented realities.

Why it starts with video games? To foresee the future of the metaverse we need to understand its roots.

Why it will end up everywhere? We are talking about making money and picking the right investments…aren't we?

In this guide you will find:

- The Future of Finance
- The possible applications of the Metaverse
- How to create a new identity on Metaverse
- How to Invest in the Metaverse, NFT, Cryptocurrency and more
- Metaverse ETFs
- Making Money from NFTs


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