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The Mothers' Pool. Translated by Simon Tanner

The Mothers' Pool. Translated by Simon Tanner

di Filippo Gigante (Autore)

After the events of the Second World War, Czechoslovakia is under Soviet rule, and a wave of emigration leads hundreds of its people to seek fortune elsewhere. This is the story of Olga and Berta, two women born in the splendid city of Prague, who arrive in an Italian town overlooking a picturesque lake, bringing with them the emotional scars left by their past. Here, in their search for a new way of life, amidst literary dreams, strange neighbours and their artistic and culinary passions, they will find the strength to embrace, together with the reader, an original, light-hearted vision of life. And despite everything, even those who are certain that they have lost all hope may once again fall in love.

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