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The Reality of Time, and Einstein’s Spider Web

The Reality of Time, and Einstein’s Spider Web

di Rocco Vittorio Macri (Autore)

The greatest mystery of all, the enigma of Time, shone like a blinding quasar upon the eyes of the creator of the Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein. Indeed there has been no significant thinker, from antiquity down to the present day, who has not confronted the mystery of Time and made it an essential part of his own philosophy. Even in Plotinus’ days the problem of Time was considered to be “ancient” and “continually revived”. Thinking about Time is much like ploughing the ocean. Despite this, the Twentieth Century saw an unprecedented and new operational definition set forth by Einstein, who stripped the notion of Time of all metaphysical content, and made it ontologically eliminable. The verdict in our days is, "Time does not exist." Yet there have not been wanting thinkers who have attempted to swim against the current, to throw down the gauntlet to “the Murderer of Time”, to the Demolisher of the Absolute, showing that the Time is not an illusion, Time is real. These stirring moments in the history of intellectual endeavour are collected here, revivifying the philosophical face of every dissident. The subject is interesting not only to experts in the field, but also to every inquiring mind thirsting for historical truth. The reader who is fascinated by the fundamental ideas of physics and philosophy will find great satisfaction here. In addition he will find here the ultimate roots of our contemporary Weltanschaaung.

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