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The Voice in the Desert

The Voice in the Desert

An almost-short Novel

di Valerio Di Stefano (Autore)

The voice in the desert, beyond a skillfully written novel, is also a series of notes masterfully expressed by the amazing pen of Valerio di Stefano. Valerio, already author of several books, all of literary and philanthropic inspiration, is also a philologist, skill perfectly shown in this work. A work that is capable of completely immersing us in the illusory and, at times, oniric universe of Don Fiorentino. This Don is a parish priest of an unknown village who has a great passion: the classics of Italian and foreign literature. The incredible strength of this novel is the alternation of letters that the protagonist forwards to his favorite authors, almost as if he wanted to teach them how to write and to express themselves, by praising some techniques and harshly criticizing others.
Valerio's writing is driving, it leads you page after page to discover biblical notes and quotes, always with the clear awareness of broadening your own cultural baggage which, compared to his, appears meager and eternally empty.

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