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Twins - English Version

Twins - English Version

di Alex Water (Autore)

Alex, kidnapped by the world's most terrifying cult, is an outlandish character. He remembers nothing but the horror in which he has long been trapped and conditioned to live. Everything changes in the aftermath of an explosion, with an unexpected arrival orchestrating his escape, in time leading to him regaining his life, his memories, and his true nature. In an enthralling adventure, he receives help from a series of surreal and amusing characters, each contributing to the mood of the story, by turns jovial and tense: Sarah, a woman of action with tendencies verging on the psychopathic; Indigo, a wise and spontaneous man always shrouded in the fumes of his visionary hallucinogenic potions; and finally Adouh, the bearer of evil who has infected much of the world and who, through manipulation and sex, continues her advance, taking her diabolical plan ever further. The tone of the thriller resonates in the irony, at times somewhat wicked, that permeates the tale. Ensuring that the climaxes of the novel never stay climatic for too long, the "off-screen" narrator, over-the-top and irreverent, acts as your guide, immersing you in a story that will leave you laughing out loud and gasping for breath.

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