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Unhappy Childhoods. Accept Your Past, Create Your Future

Unhappy Childhoods. Accept Your Past, Create Your Future

di Angela Ganci (Autore)

What exactly is and how the violence towards infancy manifests itself?
What is the specific role of intrafamilial child abuse in leading to adult symptoms of distress?
What are the long terms outcomes of child abuse on brain, psychological and cognitive functioning, and social adaptation? What are the therapeutic strategies now available to contrast this alarming phenomenon?
Finally, what is the role of prevention and what are the “duties” of caregivers in protecting infancy from maltreatment?

Unhappy childhoods is aimed to answer to all previous questions through the analysis of theoretical and experimental studies retrieved from international literature in order to clearly describe the link between child abuse and emotional deficits, along the double perspective of emotional expressions and understanding of others’ emotions, basic components of social adaptation and personal well-being.

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