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Women in the Metaverse. Stories of women who inspire women

Women in the Metaverse. Stories of women who inspire women

Stories of women who inspire women

di Simonetta Pozzi (Autore)

"Women in the metaverse" aims at promoting female empowerment through the stories of twelve women who, passionate about technology, have chosen unconventional careers in the STEM field, incorporating extended reality into their professions and exploring immersive worlds.Within the metaverse, a female universe is portrayed, with unique and intense lives filled with challenges, joy, and great satisfaction, which can inspire younger generations. Women are often still discriminated against and undervalued.The book investigates the presence of women in the metaverse today and provides an overview of some of the activities and career choices available. It is dedicated to young women who wish to pursue their own educational paths without necessarily following in their parents' footsteps, aspiring to new work realities, perhaps even a bit nomadic.At the same time, it appeals to women who want to go back to studying and change careers, embarking on a process of upskilling or reskilling because they feel limited in their current jobs and have new ambitions.The project begins with the collection of stories and returns to benefit women, as the proceeds from the sale of the e-book will be donated to Zonta club (Alessandria - Italy), an association dedicated to supporting the growth of women in the STEM sector.The forward is by A.Vitillo.Thanks to the women who shared their stories: Eva Kraai - EDU3d trainer, F.Campana – proplayer and game streamer, L. Ciavarelli – Founder HouseCall VR, U.M.Koivula – Founder and CEO ThingLink,S.Noggler, CEO di Polyhedra, B.Picchi - Travel blogger, C.Pivetta - teacher, S.Pozzi – trainer and consultant in XR and metaverse, E.Rotolo – CEO di MIAT, P.Škachová – community manager, C.Susu – VR artist, K. Ufnarovskaia  – CEO di Augmented.City 

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